Game Tutorial of ALL-STAR latest work Home Rebuilding V1.0 is coming!

5 min readNov 24, 2021


Home Rebuilding V1.0 of ALL-STAR that we expect for a long time is going to start its Open Beta! Address of the Open Beta: ( Home Rebuilding will give out lots of Star Tokens as rewards for builders. In the game, players get hashrates by participating in the game or buying related NFTs to build their homes. The more NFTs players have, the more hashrates they will have, the more rewarding they will get.

Step 1: As soon as you enter the game, the first thing presented in front of you is the start interface of Home Rebuilding. For new users, you need to create your own private key for the game, then you can start the adventure of Home Rebuilding once it was created successfully.

Step 2: There are five entrances in the main page, Mine, the Main City, Training Ground, Today’s Price and Businessmen.

Each area has its own location and its corresponding important function, which the player can click on one by one to get familiar with the operation.

Step 3: Pets in Training Ground will keep producing pet eggs which are the most important medium in Home Rebuilding and can incubate pets within a few minutes. Pet eggs can also be exchanged with businessmen for rich rewards. There are 5 qualities of pet eggs, blue, purple, golden, orange and red. A blue pet egg is the easiest to get while a red pet egg is the rarest with the highest value and highest growth. If you get a red pet egg, remember to leave it behind!

Not only that, pet eggs can be exchanged with businessmen for gift boxes. One pet egg can be exchanged for a pet gift box while 10 pet eggs are needed for a building gift box. The building and pet that players exchanged with businessmen will break through when they are upgraded to Level 16 so players can get hashrates to mine online. Now we are so familiar with the general system of this game, why not start playing?

Firstly, click on the Main City button and then click Upgrade to enter the upgrade interface. There you can see two areas, Main and Vice.

Secondly, put your main pet in Main and put your material in Vice.

Thirdly, click on Upgrade button to upgrade.

Fourthly, append the level of Vice to Main to upgrade Main into a higher level. When Main reaches Level 16, it will break through the cochain.

Then, players have to go back to the main interface and click on the Mine button in the upper left corner of the main interface to enter the Mine interface. Click on the Hashrate Button and players will get a mining machine for mining operations.

We all know that there is never one way to play a fun and profitable game, but Home Rebuilding has already made a thorough and meticulous arrangement, equipped with different styles of operation for different personalities of players, which can be said to be super considerate.

In addition to the gameplay mentioned above, if you pay attention to financial management, you can choose to draw a lottery. If you have chance to get 10 pets, the right of mining is yours! After drawing, the production queue of Training Ground will be filled up and the pet eggs will be produced. Then you can continue to upgrade their quality to red, to maximize your hashrates and get more earnings!

A more wonderful mode is still in the back! If you are not a rich player, you can ignore this series of operations. However, a high-end rich player only has one skill that is BUY! Now please go straight to the NFT prize pool to get the mystery box! $125.00 and 0.2 BNB should be paid for a building while $19.90 and 0.03 BNB for a pet. So whichever you get, you will certainly get earnings!

No matter whether you are casual or rich, it is up to you to choose which operation. After all, our ultimate goal is the same, that is, to get hashrates through Home Rebuilding, to getNFTs, to get Star Tokens, to mine on the chain, to get maximize earnings.

So far, Home Rebuilding V1.0 Open Beta of ALL-STAR has launched several rounds of internal betas and is replaced by countless versions before this version came out. It is not difficult to find that in the MVP Version of the test stage, our team has carefully collected the suggestions from the majority of users. Some bugs that need to be fixed in this Open Beta have been improved one by one and players will feel more smooth while operating. We hope that players can feel the sincerity of our team when they play the game.

And what is more surprising is that this time, each user who participate in the Open Beta will get a gift package worth 20U after completing a few simple operations. For the top 500, we have extra rewards which will be sent directly to user’s wallet. First come, first served!

Methods are as follows:

Home Rebuilding Airdrop worth $100,000 is Coming!

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✅Rt &❤️& @ 5ppl
✅Fill in the form:
✅Testing address:

From game experience to generous welfare, as one of the best blockchain games in 2021, series of careful arrangements in Home Rebuilding of ALL-STAR once again proved its commercial value and experience quality. In the future, let’s look forward to the wonderfulness provided by ALL-STAR!