Chair, the first rights&benefits NFT platform on Polygon,starts IGO NFT metaverse

6 min readNov 14, 2021


Chair is the world’s first rights&benefits decentralized NFT trading platform. As of today, the Chair community contains more than 120,000 users covering over 10 countries, as well as more than 33,000 currency holding addresses.


With the huge advantage of traffic, Chair officially launched a million-dollars support plan for GameFi NFT Store program of the GameFi Ecology in October, which is the first traffic aggregation platform on the Polygon chain to start GameFi NFT Store and GameFi IGO. It has also become the first NFT trading platform focusing on the race track of IGO in the crypto market.

At the same time, Chair is currently the NFT trading platform which has the most GameFi projects with the most in-depth cooperation. The GameFi projects cooperated with Chair so far include GameDAO, StarryNift, Daffy Panda, Xpansion Game, DragonKnight, Celestial, PunkWorld,Formless,ALL STAR,Knight Monster,SAMURAI,Blade,PokeMine,etc., which have entered the absolute forefront of the IGO competition.

So what is IGO?

The full name of IGO is Initial Game Offering, which is to solve the problem of growth difficulties of the game and to promote transactions both online and offline by putting the core assets of the game on the chain.

IGO is a new model created by Chair NFT. Through exclusive cooperation with promising chain games, to pre-sale NFT assets or project tokens in the game at the most favorable price of the entire market. And more high-quality game projects and game assets will be introduced to users in the community of Chair, allowing them to earn dividends of game assets and to experience high-quality chain games.

As we all know that games have been existing since the beginning of the Internet. From online games, mobile games to current chain games, there are hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions in the game industry every year, but for a long time, from game development to game revenue, the essence has never changed. Traditional games rely on the additional issuance of game props and the design of new functional props to attract users to pay continuously, however, the rights and benefits of the early paying users cannot be guaranteed. Once the service is closed, all the payments of users will disappear. The emergence of IGO will completely change the game industry, for players can participate in the game creation process earlier, game-developing teams can raise funds faster, and players can also share the game’s revenue, which is exactly the Play to Earn. Most of the revenue in the game no longer belongs to large centralized game companies, but to excellent players. By participating in the in-game economy, players can create value for other players and developers. In return, players can get asset rewards in the game, which can be any crypto assets confirmed on the blockchain, which is the power of the blockchain. Every game is no longer a lonely island, and their props and data can be used in common. A game character can be played in many other games, so that players can truly become the controller and beneficiary of the game, which is indeed the goal of Chair to build the GameFi NFT Store.

As early as the beginning of August, Chair has officially received the Polygon Grant support plan and ecological support. Polygon officials will fully support hundreds of project parties on the Polygon chain to join Chair’s traffic ecology.

Polygon X Chair

For a decentralized traffic platform like Chair, the traffic of Chair themselves and brought by the projects will be superimposed to form an aggregation pool, which will increase the traffic by hundreds of times and is completely incomparable by any other platform. Whether individual player or project party, as long as they enter the Chair ecosystem, they can enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by the huge traffic advantage of Chair. For the GameFi NFT Store and GameFi IGO, Polygon officials also give full resource partiality, hoping to seize the IGO market heights through Chair.

Polygon retweeted to support the launch of Chair’s first IGO project

In previous cooperation cases, the game assets of Panda Blind Box and Dragon Egg launched by Chair joint with GameFi Project Daffy Panda and Dragon Knight were all on sale at the most favorable price in the market, and were eventually sold at a premium, among which the Dragon Egg was auctioned successfully at a premium of 6 times.

GameFi NFT auction on Chair

At present, Punk World will be launched on Chair as the first IGO project. PunkWorld is a GameFi with strategic management + PVP, and is the first GameFi with 2.5D PUNK IP. Players can start treasure hunts in the game to get tokens and other resource rewards to build their own metaverse land, and earn income through transactions. With the cooperation, Punk World will freely give Chair users game assets worth $20,000 — — which are 200 blind boxes, and these game assets may get higher prices in the future trading market.

Auction of Punk World NFT BlindBox started at 100XBNCH has reached nearly 130,000 XBNCH before the end of auction

The first round of Chair IGO has been on sale now. Punk World NFT BlindBox worth 100 dollars each, start at 100XBNCH for the auction. Users participating in the auction can share up to 94% of the dividends. To grab is to earn, to participate is to earn!

In the next, Chair will continue to take the lead of IGO and give new value to the GameFi project. It is planned to cooperate with more than 10 institutions, such as LucidBlue, Graphene Capital, UB Capital, GC Ventures, Lixin Capital, GSC Capital, Alpha Media, to jointly build and promote an IGO ecosystem to prosperity. If you successfully apply for the GameFi project of Chair IGO, you can get multi-faceted support such as funds, community, and traffic for free.

With the rapid development of the NFT game revolution, Chair NFT has been the first to introduce the concept of IGO since early October and become the maker of new standards in the industry. In the future, Chair will continue to introduce morefiltered high-quality GameFi projects to the market. And the new growth point of the entire blockchain ecology may be right in front of us!