2021 is called the “First Year of the Metaverse”. After the official change of Facebook’s name to “Meta”, Microsoft also announced its entry into the metaverse. In another main front of the crypto market — China, the traditional Internet giants such as Tencent, NetEase, and ByteDance have already shown their…

(Celestial specially designed a joint battleship for the cooperation)

We are very pleased to announce that Chair and Celestial&Nabox&Nerve have officially reached a strategic partnership! This cooperation has received strong support from OKEX and Peter Vesterbacka, the founder of Angry Birds! Therefore, we launched a joint airdrop of tokens worth 3,000 US dollars, including 25,000 CRYSTAL+18,000 NVT+1,000,000 XBNCH+40,000,000 NABOX!

The whitelist registration for Chair INO is currently in progress.

The registration is mandatory to participate in Chair INO.

First come, first served.

What makes INO different?

INO (Initial NFT Offering) turns the locked-up shares into NFTs.

It perfectly solves the issue that investors cannot trade their locked-up tokens while…

1000 XBNCH will be airdropped to wallet addresses of those who registered the Chair & Yellow Road IDO whitelist.
2000 XBNCH will be airdropped to wallet addresses of all Chair & Yellow Road IDO buyers.

(XBNCH is on Polygon chain)

What is XBNCH:
The platform token of Chair — BNCH — is estimated to be listed in September. In order to provide community members with incentives, we released XBNCH on the MATIC chain as rewarding credits. 10000 XBNCH = 1 BNCH. XBNCH will be converted to…


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